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When I’m just thinking about stuff I,for some inexplicable reason, I mentally talk to myself in either an American or Northern Irish accent. Even though my own accent is a mix of Leicester-English and New Zealand

How does that even work?

Lava bending thoughts

Previously it was stated that only an Avatar could posses the ability to lava bend. The rare ability Lava bending is a combination of simulataneous earth and fire bending which is why only an Avatar had that ability. Even if somehow a bender had the ability to fire and earthbend, it would have been impossible due to only being able to bend one element at a time unless you are the Avatar.

But over the years, very rare bending abilities like metal bending, bloodbending etc have been shown to be possible. While not a complete ability to manipulate fire, I believe lava bending is, as it has always been, a combination of earth and fire bending

So here comes my small theory, if it even is one. I think the fact that Bolin has firebending genes from his mother may, in some way, have contributed to the fact that he discovered his ability to lava bend. This lead me to deduce that Ghazan also may have had fire bending in his genes

Well that’s my theory. As to whether it’s correct I don’t know but it’s what I think